Companies House to make data free to all

Companies House will make all of its digital data free of charge from April 2015.

This means it will now be free to research clients and prospects’ businesses. The UK is the first country to fully open up a register of business information.

In 2013/14 those seeking information on the CH website spent £8.7m in doing so. The move is a bid by the government to “improve corporate transparency”, part of the 2014 G8 declaration. It was announced as part of a Public Data Group Summer Statement, which included planned data releases and activities by CH and other data bodies such as the Land Registry, Ordnance Survey and Met Office.

Business secretary Vince Cable said much value can be added to the UK’s economy by making, for example, CH data open to all. “By making its data freely available and free of charge, Companies House is making the UK a more transparent, efficient and effective place to do business,”