Electricians have one week to reveal any tax due

Electricians have just one week to register to pay any undisclosed tax that they owe under an HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) campaign.

The Electricians Tax Safe Plan is a time-limited opportunity where electricians can pay any tax and interest they owe, whilst benefiting from lower penalties of only 10 per cent, with a maximum of 20 per cent. Normally, penalties of up to 100 per cent of the tax owed can be charged, with the possibility of criminal investigation in the worst cases.

This campaign is aimed at anyone who installs, maintains and tests electrical systems, equipment and appliances – and covers any tax owed, for whatever reason.

The deadline for electricians to register is 15 May 2012. They then have to make arrangements to pay the tax owed by 14 August 2012.

The Electricians Tax Safe Plan is the second part of a campaign aimed at tradespeople. HMRC first targeted plumbers and heating engineers. Fourteen plumbers have been arrested so far, and one was jailed for 12 months in March for evading £91,000 of tax and national insurance.

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