Double Dip Recession or Green Shoots

The newscasters like to paint a bleak picture (good news doesn’t sell) but the reality is that the economy is neither up nor down; we seem to be bumping along on a flattish line. There was a brilliant example of this just today. Two reports have come out of the Midlands:

 – Research by R3 (published in the Birmingham Post) has shown that the number of Midlands businesses reporting signs of distress is up in the first quarter, with almost a third admitting using their maximum overdraft facility on a regular basis, compared to 16% in the previous quarter.

At the same time

– Seperate research from RSM Tenon (published in Business Credit Management) reveals that 98% of entrepreneurs in the East Midlands hope to expand their businesses in 2012, with 14% expecting to grow by over 25%.

So what’s the reality? Nobody owes the business community a living. We fight every day to survive and grow our businesses, so the right management with the right business plan will have a clear goal, even if the national economy isn’t bouyant, and we will survive by working harder and smarter.